Contactually Public API

API Overview

The purpose of the API is to give third-party clients the ability to interact with the Contactually platform on behalf of an end-user, who has a Contactually account.


The API follows a standard REST architecture. View the documentation for specific calls.

All data is returned in JSON format.


All calls should be made to

All requests have to be made via SSL.


There are two different methods of authentication supported.

  1. Cookies: POST to with user[email] and user[password]. Watch the status codes, otherwise catch and retain the cookie and include in subsequent API calls.
  2. API Token: Users can retrieve an API token for their account by visiting their integrations page. Connecting applications can then, for any API call, pass in api_key set to the 32 character value provided by the user.

Authentication via OAuth2 is coming shortly.

Rate Limiting

Developers are expected to construct their application to use a reasonable amount of resources on behalf of an individual user. For specific API limits, please contact us.

Client Identification Best Practice

In order to properly identify a client application on the API, developers are strongly recommended to pass in a User-Agent header unique to their application.

Promotion & Getting Help

Should you need assistance, please don't hesitate to e-mail We want to hear about what you're building, and are happy to help! If you want to discuss implementation and architecture, or promotion and branding, reach out.